Awesomely awesome in its awesomeness

Sometimes some things are just so good that you have to shout about the fact that it’s good even though it does no-one any good.

Emacs is such a thing. It occurred to me today that I’d dearly love to write more for this blog, and one way that I might be able to do that would be if I could edit my posts in Emacs. One web-search later I’m reading about how trivial it is using weblogger and xml-rpc.

60 seconds after that I’m up and running, and writing this post. I didn’t even have to restart Emacs. That’s how awesome it is.

And to think that I used to berate people who used Emacs because I only used vi.

So now I’m praying to the saviour for redemption.

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I was talking to a twenty-something guy – I’ve been using emacs since probably just about when he was in 6th grade – since 18.59 – he’s never programmed without an IDE probably – anyway he wants to learn Python without using a IronPython, which I think is a laudable goal, and he tells me he’s even tried to use emacs:

“I think all these guys who say they’re writing code with just emacs, and no intellissense, or whatever, that can’t be true. It’s just some I-a-code-ninja thing, that you can just go in and use emacs where you don’t know the library – oh actually, I’m wrong – it wasn’t emacs, it was vi – whatever, they’re all the same….”

If he would have said that in usenet – uh USENET – in 1995? Gore would have had to turn the Internet off…

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