what’s with the hat?

So what is it with that hat? The hat is a derby hat or more commonly a bowler hat. Yes it is the hat of middle-class Britain so beautifully satirised in the 70s/80s by the Two Ronnies, John Cleese and Peter Sellers. The former wearers of the hat, though, were most commonly artisans. People who make stuff, people like stone-workers & carpenters.

So what is it with that hat? Well I hope you worked it out by now but computer science/engineering is a creative, arguably artistic (sometimes autistic?!), activity. So at some level the hat fits me! There are so many ways you could solve that IT problem. You could knock something up with VB and you’d be done before lunch. Then tomorrow comes and you need to add a bit more, suddenly before you know it you’re locked in to supporting something that stops you going to lunch. You get the idea.

This blog is all about technology and how it relates to me, and possibly, you.

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